Donald at the Bat – Day 688

Day 688

The Michael Cohen sentence filing shows he’s in deep shit.

We’re masticating and digesting and absorbing it.

Both he and Trump have violated campaign finance law.

Their payoff to the ladies was not simply a faux pas


Contrarians like Dershowitz say this was not a crime

But that’s the sort of argument that Al makes all the time.

Most other lawyers say what Donald did was criminal.

To Dershowitz though, all the facts are still subliminal.


And Trump keeps saying, “No collusion….” but conspiracy?

There’s lots of interaction with the Russians all can see.

And Cohen circulated his false statements to Trump’s folks

Before he lied to Congress, claiming Russia’s just a hoax.


The Russians offered Cohen, “political synergy.”

Well, doesn’t that phrase mean the same thing as, “conspiracy?”

The “tit” would be Trump’s tower in Moscow.  In exchange for that,

If Trump won, he would drop Obama’s sanctions.  That’s the “tat.”


Trump says this shows he’s in the clear.  The opposite is true.

But we are used to this by now.  What Donald Trump will do

Is tell us, black is white and white is black.  We always know

Whatever Donald Trump may say just simply isn’t so.


Trump’s been dishonest his whole life, so long that honesty

Is something he can’t understand, a deep, dark mystery.

His motivations: money and, of course, there’s getting laid.

These two determined most of the decisions Trump has made.


The porn star and Playmate affairs, the tower in Putin’s town,

Both serve to illustrate temptations Donald can’t turn down.

Now Mueller’s stripping Trump’s veneer; when Donald’s standing nude,

He’ll just be an old, fat man and unpleasant to be viewed.


So, when will Mueller finally show us everything he’s got?

He’s nailed down Trump’s associates.  Will Trump himself get caught?

What will Republicans in Congress do when it is clear

That Donald won by crime and cheating?  Will they all still cheer?