Donald at the Bat – Day 687, Christmas, Adult Style

Day 687, Christmas, Adult Style


It’s bowl season, Donald’s treason

Takes a back seat for a while.

Outside snowing, cold winds blowing,

Streets decked out in Christmas style.


Congress stopping, Christmas shopping,

Swelling merchants’ bank accounts,

Flying footballs, reindeer footfalls,

For a month that’s all that counts.


Christmas carols, drinking perils,

Increased traffic accidents.

Office party, Ron Bacardi,

Oops—harassment incidents.


Glasses clinking, people drinking

To a joyous holiday.

Trump be wary, January

Brings subpoenas on their way.


Mar a Lago, Trump’s Iago,

Will Pence visit Donald there?

Is he plotting Trump’s garroting?

Does he covet Donald’s chair?


Footballs flying, lovers plying

One another, vodka, gin,

Presents, traded, values graded,

Christmas, here we go again.