Donald at the Bat – Day 686

Day 686


George Herbert Walker Bush is buried.  Trump can tweet again.

And, strangely, so far, he’s said nothing about Michael Flynn.

There’s “No collusion, no collusion,” Trump’s theme, tried and (true?)

And, “Witch hunt, witch hunt,” standard tweet.  With Trump there’s nothing new.


Tomorrow Mueller files some papers on Paul Manafort.

And Michael Cohen, miscreants on whom Bob must report.

It seems that Manafort has just continued telling lies,

While Cohen’s singing songs that just might lead to Trump’s demise.


When guidelines for the sentencing of these two rogues are filed,

We’ll see if Donald Trump stays quiet or if he is riled.

The second is more likely: tweet storms forming off the coast,

As it’s becoming clearer still that Donald Trump is toast.

End of the beginning or beginning of the end?

We’re all anticipating.  What does Mueller’s work portend?

When fans are flailing feces, they may throw out quite a stink.

With Trump and Mueller in a stare down, who’ll be first to blink?