Donald at the Bat – Day 685, The Funeral of “Forty One”

Day 685, The Funeral of “Forty One”


The presidents have gathered; we lay one of them away.

A solemn ceremony on a cold December day.

His casket borne by servicemen, with whom he served, then led.

From Earth he came, to Earth returns; that is our final bed.


The casket brought up to the church, Hail to the Chief is played.

His Joint Chiefs lead him down the aisle, their manner solemn, staid.

We play the music sing the songs, deliver eulogies,

A life of service, life well-lived, near everyone agrees.


With final benediction, Forty One is carried out.

Eternal life?  Just memories? Believers, those who doubt,

All say goodbye this one last time to one who’s left this life.

Now he can rest in peace beside his daughter and his wife.