Donald at the Bat – Day 684

Day 684


This week, while George Bush lies in state and Donald Trump just lies,

Though both men sailed the Ship of State, both won our highest prize,

Between them lies a chasm that’s Grand Canyon deep and wide,

For George Bush served his country while, in Trump that spirit died.


Will Donald keep his tweets in check as praise is heaped on George?

Or will the contrasts evident produce a rising gorge?

Will sitting through the funeral without a chance to speak,

As contrast piles on contrast, give Trump’s hemorrhoids a tweak?


Reports are due from Mueller on both Flynn and Manafort,

Detailing what they did and said and filed in open court.

The Mueller mill wheel grinds; will it grind Donald Trump to chaff?

Will Democrats then plan a feast and kill the fatted calf?


Will Chanukah this year witness a modern Maccabee

Refuse to bow down to an autocratic “deity?”

Will those who love democracy, rise up, refuse to bow?

The time for dedication has arrived; it’s here right now.


For Donald Trump, the troubles mount but we must pass the test.

No miracle will save us while more holy oil is pressed.

Bob Mueller shines a light for us.  Will we let it go out?

We cannot rest; we must rise up and throw the tyrant out.