Donald at the Bat – Day 683

Day 683


Bob Mueller’s very busy as he’s sorting out the lies

That have been told by Donald Trump and lots of other guys.

But now some liars are agreeing.  What should Mueller do?

Mike Cohen just said he’s been lying.  Russians said, “We, too.”


So now both Mike and Putin contradict what Donald said.

A Moscow deal was in the works.  That’s what Mike Cohen pled.

And Mueller has the emails showing what Mike says is true,

Which Trump repeatedly denied.  Then Putin screwed him, too.


Though Trump says, “That deal’s legal…” why did he try to conceal

The fact that he was trying hard to make a Russian deal?

He even offered Vladimir a lavish penthouse bribe,

Which we know business ethics folks would certainly proscribe.


So, should a candidate for president be doing deals

With our most potent enemy?  One might say this reveals

A deficit of character.  Trump’s profit motive rules

His “statesmanship” and shows he’s playing all of us for fools.


What Putin has on Donald is becoming clearer now.

The quid is lifting sanctions and the quo—Vlad will allow

The Donald to do more with Russians than just launder dough.

And next we’d like to find out just how much does Donald owe?


While Mueller sorts out all the lies, how many people quake?

For some, a lengthy term in prison might be what’s at stake.

For Trump, it’s loss of office and exposure as a fraud—

But that’s a risk that we all take when we make money—God.