Donald at the Bat – Day 690

Day 690


The Donald likes to brag of his negotiating skills.

He’s earned a reputation for not paying all his bills.

Though you may have a contract, chances are, you won’t get paid.

But, we hear Donald pays full price to ladies he has laid.


We’ve read that he has paid his girls a hundred K a poke,

In fact, it’s even more than that: a hundred K, no joke.

And who was helping Trump when he made such an awful deal?

Mike Cohen and a guy named Pecker.  (Yes, that name is real.)


A Pecker paying for the Playmate Donald’s pecker poked,

Mike Cohen covered Stormy; Trump’s accountant nearly croaked.

SDNY and Mueller both say these were felonies, (1)

Election fraud that seems to be a GOP disease.


Now Trump, who first denied it, said it’s just a private deal.

And, that’s been his position since Mike Cohen chose to squeal.

Are Trump and his associates a family of crooks?

You’d be forgiven if you said, “Well, that’s sure how it looks.”


(1)  SDNY, The Feds at the Southern District of New York