Donald at the Bat – Day 674, Global Warming Report

Day 674, Global Warming Report


A new report says Earth is warming fast.

It comes from Donald Trump’s own agencies.

It says the time for action is long past

If we don’t want to drown in rising seas.


For, melting icecaps will soon inundate

Low-lying lands on all the world’s seacoasts.

Will Florida no longer be a state

But just a swamp, while Oklahoma roasts?


The droughts and floods and wildfires will increase

And hurricanes will pack much stronger winds.

For Mother Nature will not grant surcease

As we are paid the wages for our sins.

We doubt if Donald Trump will ever read

Reports that show, on climate, he is wrong.

For Donald is a fact-resistant breed

Whose tendency toward ignorance is strong.


There’s profit in our fossil industries.

Tell California, “Rake around your trees.”