Donald at the Bat – Day 673

Day 673

Asylum seekers and the courts have flummoxed Donald Trump.

His immigration batting average shows he’s in a slump.

He wants to call the balls and strikes to keep Latinos out

But then the courts remind him of the laws that he can’t flout.


The Donald said he’d build a wall and Mexico would pay.

But when he asked the Mexicans, of course they said, “No way!”

And Congress will not pay the bill, so Donald had the gall

To say he’d shut the border down; no one gets in at all.


Latinos are so dangerous, we cannot let them in.

The caravan is full of crooks like MS 13 men.

The courts don’t understand the dangers; Donald Trump knows best.

(Tall, central European women are fine as a guest.)


The Donald fights with everyone; he just hates to get beat.

In tantrum after tantrum, he sends out tweet after tweet.

He cannot stand to be constrained by laws or evidence.

He flouts the law and disregards our best intelligence.


Intelligence comes from the brain; though Trump sticks with his gut.

I guess that’s why it often seems like Trump talks through his butt.

Our brains can process evidence, determine what’s legit.

Intestines process cheeseburgers and turn them into shit.