Donald at the Bat – Day 671, Donald and Data & Donald and the Courts

Day 672, Donald and Data


What is it with Donald and data?

He’s no science geek, we can see.

Equations with alpha and beta—

Trump says, “That stuff’s all Greek to me.” (1)


Our scientists say Earth is warming.

But Donald says, “Well, maybe not.”

We see stronger hurricanes forming.

Trump says, “It’s a Democrat plot.”


There’s profit in burning up fossils.

They’re fracking gas out on the range.

And Donald has joined the apostles

Of those who deny climate change.


We know Putin helped Trump’s election.

Intelligence data are clear.

Trump says it’s true voter affection.

He draws such huge crowds and they cheer.


The Saudi’s just murdered Khashoggi,

A hit ordered by MBS. (2)

To Trump that’s no worse than a bogey

And MBS did not confess.


Intelligence, scientists, data,

All seem to bounce off Donald’s brain.

These all occupy lower strata

Than money, that’s Donald’s refrain.


(1)  Apologies to William Shakespeare.  The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Act 1,

Scene 2

(2)  MBS: Mohammed bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi Arabia


Day 672, Donald and the Courts


Whatever mind Trump had, he’s lost.

It’s now John Roberts he has crossed.

John is Chief Justice of our courts.

Has Donald thought about the cost?


Now Trump’s frustrated by the courts.

He thinks the courts are all sore sports.

Trump tries to circumvent the law.

But courts correct what Trump distorts.


Are we a nation ruled by law?

If so, then Trump hopes to redraw

The laws to make himself the king,

An eminence we’d view with awe.


But Donald Trump is not a king.

So, if the lash of law should sting,

It’s to the law that Trump must bow.

Our law is not a king’s plaything.


Though Donald doesn’t like to bow,

He’d better do it anyhow.

And, when John Roberts tells him, “No!”

Then Donald simply must kowtow.