Donald at the Bat – Day 675, Different Kinds of Brains

Day 675, Different Kinds of Brains


When faith and science are in conflict, science gets ignored.

That shows there are two kinds of brains inside the human gourd.

The scientific brain accepts what data demonstrate

But faith makes its assertions first, that data can’t negate.


The anti-vaxers are examples; then, of course, there’s Trump.

The Donald will say anything when on the campaign stump,

Or anywhere.  When proven wrong, the Donald won’t revise.

That’s not faith versus science; it just shows that Donald lies.


Is there another type of brain within the human skull?

Let’s call this type the “bullshit brain.”  It’s neither smart nor dull.

With no regard for faith or science, “truth” is meaningless.

For, when self-interest enters in, the facts must acquiesce.


The Donald has faith in himself; God is far down the list.

And facts are even lower down.  What schooling has he missed?

But money’s up there near the top; his father taught him that.

A money hungry narcissist is what Trump’s dad begat.


Trump is a cruel dilemma now inflicted on mankind,

That neither faith nor science reaches; Earth is in a bind.

The Church, the scientists, and every person of good will,

All wonder how long they will have to take this bitter pill.


Three kinds of brains are represented on the Earth today.

The Donald’s kind just doesn’t care what its mouth has to say.

If prayer and data will not help, what is there left to try?

May I suggest that voting ought to rid us of this guy?