Donald at the Bat – Day 670, The Streets of Laredo (parody), Trumpish

Day 670, The Streets of Laredo (parody), Trumpish

As Donald spoke after the midterm elections,

He took a shellacking, so what would he say?

As Democrat pundits were getting erections,

Trump said that the Senate will hold them at bay.


If Mueller reports that the Donald colluded,

Colluded with Russians in 2016.

The Donald will say that Bob Mueller’s deluded,

While Fox News reports that Bob Mueller is mean.


Now Donald has told us there was no collusion.

He says, “No collusion,” almost every day.

And, as is his habit, to sow more confusion,

Though Mueller votes, “Aye,” Donald Trump will vote, “Nay!”

Since Trump is dependent on Putin for money,

Collusion would seem like a natural choice.

Though Donald once thought that his future was sunny,

He’s being exposed and the liberals rejoice.


When Trump is exposed, it is unappetizing.

Just ask Stormy Daniels, for she’s seen it all.

She knows all the details, through close scrutinizing

And has the experience to make the call.


Incompetence threatens while Trump is in power,

Deception as well, during Donald Trump’s reign.

When will his supporters learn his golden showers

Should not be regarded as warm, summer rain?