Donald at the Bat – Day 669

Day 669


Trump says, “I won the Senate.”  But now what about the rest?

“I wasn’t on the ballot.”  So the House was not a test.

“There was no referendum on what all the voters think.

“The House results and my performance do not show a link.”


“I gave myself an A+ grade for what I’ve done so far.

“Just go out and ask anyone; they’ll say that I’m a star.”

But what about the Democrats?  “They let latinos vote.

“They’re all illegal aliens with some fresh off the boat.”


The markets have all given back their 2018 gain.

If donors don’t get richer, might Trump’s campaign feel the pain?

Trump took the credit for the gains; now what about the loss?

Are we now getting wise to his performance as a boss?


Trump seems to lack intelligence and showed it once again.

Ignoring his own CIA, and much to their chagrin.

They told Trump on Khashoggi—MBS approved the hit.

“The price of doing business,” said Trump, who gives not a shit.


The murder of a journalist is not Trump’s first concern.

It certainly is insufficient to cause Trump to spurn

An autocrat like MBS with whom we have contracts.

Kill journalists or profits?  Easy. Now let’s all relax.


So, Whitaker, Ivanka’s emails, and the caravan,

The veterans, the press, have they both had it with this man?

The disrespect in Europe and the murderous Saudi prince:

It can’t come soon enough that we can lather, scrub, and rinse.