Donald at the Bat – Day 639

Day 639


“It’s Kavanaugh and caravans and Democratic mobs,

“The Democrats make chaos and Republicans make jobs.”  (1)

The Saudis murder journalists; we know Trump hates the press.

We’ll wait and see what happens and that’s anybody’s guess.


It’s campaign season; will we have a blue wave or a red?

And will suppressing voters keep Republicans ahead?

If Dems can flip the House but Senate keeps on leaning right,

It’s two more years of gridlock in a never ending fight.


McConnell says the deficit is from entitlements

And Democrats are charging Donald gets emoluments.

And, what is Mueller’s next move after all the polls have closed?

He has a choir singing.  Have all Trump’s crimes been exposed?


The internet is showing us the folks supporting Trump.

With anti-immigration sentiment pumped on the stump,

Some lowlifes say to bomb the Guatemalan caravan.

How many homicidal maniacs support this man?


Has Trump repudiated them?  No, they comprise his base.

So, murder, body slamming, bombing, shame?  No, not a trace.

The Nazis marched in Charlottesville; fine people, Donald said.

It’s all these kinds of people that the Donald’s words have fed.


And, lastly, there is Kavanaugh, who’s seated on the bench,

In spite of lots of stories showing he was not a mensch. (2)

McConnell got his right-wing court; that is his legacy.

What damage will they do to us?  We’ll have to wait and see.


(1)  Donald Trump’s latest stump speech formulation.

(2)  Mensch, noun, a Yiddish word from the German.  In German, the connotation is basically a human being.  In Yiddish, it implies a person of great quality. “My son, the doctor, is also a real mensch.”