Donald at the Bat – Day 638

Day 638


The Donald’s on the campaign trail, more fun than governing,

The roaring, cheering, hooting, clapping, sometimes sickening.

We guess he’s now concluded that Khashoggi met his end

Inside a Saudi embassy.  What message would Trump send?


Well, last night in Montana might suggest Trump doesn’t care.

For, after all, the Saudis spend a lot here, to be fair.

And Trump has even pointed out they’ve spent a lot on him.

He said so in a campaign speech.  Why dump them on a whim?


Last night he also pointed out, Montana’s Congressman

Had body slammed a member of the press, (Trump’s kind of man.)

Trump’s crowd thought that was funny; they applauded and they cheered.

They seemed oblivious to how both they and Trump appeared.


So, murder a reporter or assault and body slam,

The Donald and his crowds don’t care; they do not give a damn.

Now Trump’s word for the Democrats is simple; they’re a “mob.”

Considering his own crowds though, that’s one more big con job.


As usual, the Donald’s claims are basically fact-free.

Although he also tells his crowds, “This fall, go vote for me.”

This is a referendum on the Donald’s first two years.

What will the distribution be between the cheers and jeers?