Donald at the Bat – Day 632, Murder in Istanbul

Day 632, Murder in Istanbul


A reporter named Khashoggi, mysteriously is gone.

We think the Saudis murdered him; he would not be their pawn.

The deed was done in Istanbul, the Saudi Embassy.

A camera caught him entering, the last of him we’d see.


We think the Crown Prince ordered it; a hit team was flown in.

They murdered him and sliced him up; his pieces were thrown in

To suitcases and carried out but were clues left behind?

For, we all know most mysteries eventually unwind.


Khashoggi had a cell phone and he set it to transmit.

We hear his torture, murder, Saudis still denying it.

But Trump reserves his judgement; MBS (1) spends lots of dough

On Trump hotels and properties, a fact that we all know.

The victim was a member of the press; that’s his first strike.

He also wrote for WaPo; (2) that’s a bunch Trump doesn’t like.

And, might his third strike be the money MBS will spend?

The press, the Post, and money: did they cause an unmourned end?


It’s baseball playoff season; so, it’s TV, hot dogs, beer.

There’s an election coming that Republicans all fear.

So…so what if The Kingdom (3) kills a Saudi journalist?

The Donald does not judge or mourn; he’s not a moralist.


(1)   MBS: Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince and CEO of Saudi Arabia

(2)   WaPo: The Washington Post, along with the New York Times, Trump’s two most hated newspapers.

(3)  The Kingdom: a commonly used descriptor for Saudi Arabia.