Donald at the Bat – Day 631

Day 631


We’re getting used to ignorance and to dishonesty.

We’re getting used to Donald’s style; there’s no more comity.

Trump keeps on stirring up his base with bluster, rants and lies,

His “basket of deplorables,” which he cannot disguise.


His campaign rallies, all the same, Fox News has had enough.

They do not broadcast most of them; they’ve seen him huff and puff.

They’ve seen his crowds hoot, clap, and cheer, the speech-response hard-wired.

Just think: it’s so identical that even Fox got tired.


When Donald’s soul needs comfort food, the same old recipe,

His crowd all chanting, “Lock her up!” serves as his therapy.

With fellow felons flipping and financial crimes exposed,

It seems more and more likely that the Donald will get hosed.


And as Bob Mueller threatens, Trump gets more preposterous.

His latest charge, not only frantic but calumnious.

He says that it was Hillary and Russians who conspired

And Trump?  Completely innocent!  Will his base be inspired?


Melania says that she is being bullied by the press,

For silly things, like what she says, how she might choose to dress.

Remember when she wore that jacket saying, “I don’t care….?”

She caught some flack for that and tells us that just isn’t fair.


Michelle Obama had it worse, if you go back and look.

The right wing trolls went after her and here’s some crap she took.

Michelle was called an “ape in high heels,” clearly racist rant,

Compared to that, Melania’s travails just seem pissant.