Donald at the Bat – Day 633

Day 633


Trump’s Oval Office and Kanye West’s craziness, made for the press, quite a show.

Upstaging Donald by talking incessantly, did Trump hope Kanye would go?

Trump likes the spotlight, though Kanye kept talking, the press made sure Trump stayed on screen.

No room for words edgewise, Trump couldn’t say much but he seemed content to be seen.


Stealing Trump’s spotlight, one takes a big risk that one might be provoking a tweet.

So far, no tweets by the Donald and we know revenge tweets aren’t usually sweet.

Could it be screen time with a black supporter, though narcissist screwball like West?

“Just spell the name right,” say Kanye and Donald.  We’ll dominate news, east to west.”

Next came the minister, just freed by Turkey, arrested for preaching for Christ.

Erdogan’s timing is, so far, a mystery.  Was the deal low or high-priced?

Muslims do not like our Christian evangelists, so they’re arrested and charged

With something trumped up and when advantageous, poor pilgrims will learn they’re discharged.


Gratefulness, photo-op, but what does Turkey want?  Help with the Saudis or Kurds?

Erdogan, autocrat, isn’t a pussycat.  He gets his price for jailbirds.

Back home, the minister knelt by the President and prayed for God’s grace on him.

Kanye, the preacher, the rapper, the Christian, the Donald’s cup filled to the brim.