Donald at the Bat – Day 628, Nicky Haley

Day 628


Now Nicky Haley’s leaving;

Kavanaugh is on the court.

So, half the nation’s grieving

While the rest have turned to sport.


To hear her tell her story,

The whole world respects us now.

Since things are hunky dory,

Close the curtain; take a bow.


She served her state and nation

Those eight years are quite enough.

She would not leave her station

Just because things might get rough.

She’s also wife and mother,

Two more reasons that it’s best

To hand off to another

And go home and take a rest.


There’s no beef with the Trumpster;

No one said she has to leave.

She is not in the dumpster;

She has nothing up her sleeve.


Political transitions

Always lead one to suspect

Those leaving their positions

Recognize when to eject.


So Nicky Haley’s leaving

And reporters speculate.

Right now, no one’s believing

That it’s just to hibernate.