Donald at the Bat – Day 629, Global Warming

Day 629, Global Warming


If you are not a scientist, may you ignore the facts?

You’ll hear that from Republicans when mounting their attacks

On global warming data and conclusions that are drawn

By scientists who study this.  Republicans just yawn.


Since fossil fuel companies give money to the right,

Republicans have shown us they don’t care which “facts” are right.

If they can stay in office, they don’t care if oceans rise

And coastal cities drown.  They say that we’ll acclimatize.


Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida, won’t use the phrase.

He won’t say, “Global warming.”  Now he’ll watch as his state pays

For all our sins, ignoring science, burning coal and gas.

A major hurricane just kicked our east coast in the ass.

And this week, Michael’s hitting Florida on her gulf side.

By burning gas and oil, we are committing suicide,

As Mother Nature teaches: “Don’t ignore what data show,

“It’s global warming energy that’s making Michael blow.”


Still, Donald Trump maintains that global warming is a “hoax.”

The Democrats and Chinese, both are into fooling folks.

The scientists are part of a left-wing conspiracy.

(Their goal, you know, is to destroy Trump’s great economy.)


So, never mind predictions in the UN’s last report.

The Bible or our scientists, whence cometh your support?

(If you catch a strep throat, will you be cured if you just pray?

Hint: penicillin pills will really make it go away.)


Now, Mother Nature’s telling us she’s getting too damn hot.

There is a way to cure her fever, though Trump says there’s not.

It’s solar, wind, and water power; don’t burn fossil fuels.

The facts are crystal clear and to ignore them means we’re fools.