Donald at the Bat – Day 627

Day 627


Well, so much for Hurricane Brett;

Michael now forms in the sea.

One more time, Floridians fret

Over how bad it might be.


A five to four, partisan court,

The sum of all liberal fears.

Will we wait a long time or short,

‘Til Roe v Wade disappears?


Now we await Election Day.

Will there be female revolts,

Chauvinist male dragons to slay,

Votes cast like Jove’s lightning bolts?


In days gone by, Senators showed

Toxic male fatuity.

This time it made women explode.

Might this end the dynasty?


Grassley is old.  Hatch will retire,

Maybe taking their last bow.

These old farts set women on fire,

Kindling their anger, and how!


Custer attacked thousands of Sioux.

Hubris killed all of his men.

Arrogant males, bid them adieu?

Custer’s last stand once again?