Donald at the Bat – Day 626

Day 626


Trump’s teflon is super duper

Though he’s known to be a fraud.

Or is it his pooper scooper

That makes his base still applaud?


Faithful folks in Mississippi

Stick with Donald, come what may.

Even when he screws a chippy,

They still clap and shout, “Hurray!”


Is it faith, as in religion

That makes his base stick like glue?

Without doubt, no not a smidgen,

Gospel, Donald, both are true.

If you are a true believer,

A well-studied frame of mind,

You are ripe for a deceiver

And you are not hard to find.


Sadly, it’s among church goers,

Those preferring myths to facts.

Fertile fields for falsehood sowers,

Smacking lips at minds grown lax.


Speaking to them like a shepherd,

Donald’s words are rustic, crude.

Shepherd’s words but he’s a leopard

Who regards sheep herds as food.