Donald at the Bat – Day 625

Day 625


Brett Kavanaugh is on the court; Republicans have won.

And now, we’ll have to wait a month to learn if what they’ve done

Will cost them in elections.  Win a battle, lose the war?

It’s mostly up to women now, as it was once before.


You might remember ’91; that’s when Anita Hill

Said Clarence Thomas had harassed her but the Senate still

Put Clarence Thomas on the court.  But then, in ’92,

More women ran for Congress and they won those races, too.


Republicans know they are losing demographically,

For Gore beat Bush and Donald Trump got beat by Hillary.

But only if you count the votes; Electors disagreed.

The Founding Fathers left that College, now a blighted seed.


Our women are the demographic that may matter most.

Republicans, ignoring them, may wind up as compost,

Decaying grass and leaves and garbage, used to fertilize

A garden where new flowers grow and bloom from their demise.


You can hang onto power even though you lose the vote,

If you control the courts, for they will be a deep, wide moat

That will protect your castle, overturning every law

That threatens white male privilege.  And you got Brett Kavanaugh.


But faith in castles and their moats should give right-wingers pause,

For stone may crumble, moats be drained; a nation built on laws

Eventually will overcome the feudal power base

And, on its ruins, democracy will rise up in its place.