Donald at the Bat – Day 622, White Male Privilege

Day 622, White Male Privilege


With Kavanaugh and beer and girls and Trump’s financial crimes,

Each morning grows more sordid, writes the “failing New York Times.”

If Trump, financial fraudster, gets his man upon the Court,

How soon will five men tell us that a woman can’t abort?


Trump’s image of a self-made man was shown to be a joke,

For daddy’s mega-millions saved him each time he went broke.

And now that daddy’s dead, we learned the Russians have stepped in

Trump launders dirty rubles to make them look clean again.


It’s Kavanaugh and Russians that Republicans now serve.

In just two years the GOP has made a giant swerve.

They’re now all ardent Trumpists, former principles on hold,

All praying that the voters don’t leave them out in the cold.

Asserting white male privilege is now, for the GOP,

A not so stealthy movement, as all those with eyes can see.

White men will govern women, blacks, and browns, and if you’re rich,

Your wealth will keep increasing.  Tell the poor that life’s a bitch.


And, will religion sneak back into your school’s science class?

The Donald’s EPA has just kicked science in the ass.

Religious, right-wing voters don’t want Darwin in their schools.

And they won’t rest ‘til they establish that the Bible rules.


But did religious schools give us Brett Kavanaugh, the man?

The drinker and the “boofer” (1), is he part of Donald’s plan?

For now that Trump is busted for financial fraud, he needs

A Justice who is sympathetic to his evil deeds.

(1)  Look it up.