Let Me Call You Sweetheart (a paroday)

Let Me Call You Sweetheart


(obviously can be sung to the old tune you know!)


Trump calls Kim his sweetheart.

It’s a love so true.

He hopes Kim will whisper

That he loves Trump too.


No more rockets glowing

In the sky so blue,

Now that Kim’s his sweetheart,

With a love brand new.


Kim became Trump’s sweetheart

From a rocky start,

Brawling and name-calling—

Now they’ll never part.


No more atoms glowing:

Both of them got smart.

Now true love has blossomed

From a hardened heart.



“Rocket man” and “dotard,”

An unlikely pair.

Trump and Kim both naked,

(A thought hard to bear.)


Can they trust each other

In this new affair?

If one is caught cheating,

Will their anger flare?


Trump is now Kim’s sweetheart,

Swears their love is true.

Kim, in his love letters,

Swears he loves Trump too.


No more bombs will threaten

To fry me and you.

Now that they are lovers,

We are safer, too.


Stephen Baird, October, 2018