Donald at the Bat – Day 621, Get drunk & screw

Day 621


The fan is spraying feces and there’s quite a lot to spray.

Brett Kavanaugh’s old classmates seem to have a lot to say.

The frequent drinking, slurring, stumbling, crudeness that they saw,

Included fights and even one encounter with the law.

Acquaintances from college started coming forward now

And they all make it clear, when drunk, that Brett was quite lowbrow.

He’d paw the ladies at house parties; no one thinks that’s cool.

It seems that some old classmates view Brett as a drunken fool.

But, some of Brett’s old classmates claim that now they can’t recall

Specific things their buddy did that might cause his downfall.

Because they know that to speak up might self-incriminate

And none of them would like to serve as Kavanaugh’s cellmate.


As termites in a rotting beam, when chewing, compromise

The strength of beams which may collapse, it should be no surprise

That Kavanaugh’s support declines when classmates from his past,

Both friend and foe, give facts to chew.  So, should this man be passed?

Trump’s view of this, of course, is it’s a threat to all young men.

When women make false charges, men are in the lion’s den.

Republicans may suffer; old white men oppose MeToo.

What’s wrong if young men go to parties and get drunk and screw (1)

The Donald’s view of women is—they’re just like a golf course,

A lot of holes to get into, no reason for remorse.

In as few strokes as possible, you get down, then move on.

You love the game; you love yourself; by dawn, you will be gone.


  1. Jimmy Buffett, 1973, Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw? From the album, A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean.