Donald at the Bat – Day 623, ‘Bart’

Day 623


The Donald and Brett Kavanaugh

Embroiled us in a fight.

We’re arguing about the law

And how to do what’s right.


Brett Kavanaugh’s conservative,

Religious, they report.

Are these claims just “self-servative”

To win right-wing support?


We’re talking past each other now,

Not listening at all.

And that’s what happens in a row

Decaying to a brawl.

You wonder, does Trump disapprove

Of sexual assault?

Does Donald care what facts may prove?

Are women all at fault?


Was Kavanaugh a drunken lout,

Albeit, really smart?

Did he get help to work this out?

Did he make a fresh start?


Does Donald see himself in Brett,

Their view of girls, the same?

Assaulted women, just a threat

To ruin their power game?


So Donald’s and Brett Kavanaugh’s

Sense of entitlement,

Though they provoke right-wing applause,

Act to our detriment.


Republicans have doubled down,

As have the Democrats.

Is this democracy’s breakdown?

Rule by kakistocrats?  (1)


Kakistocracy, n, rule by the very worst in society.  Democracy: rule by the people. Aristocracy: rule by aristocrats.  Autocracy: rule by a dictator