Donald at the Bat – Day 618, Filters

Day 618, Filters


All of us have filters, through which we view the light.

Some of the strongest filters turn day into night.

Some exclude some wavelengths, so we cannot see them.

Colors viewed through filters shine either bright or dim.


Now we watch the Senate, reviewing past events,

Hearing testimony, debate has grown intense.

Trust the man or woman, whose certainty is sworn?

That depends on filters, some there since we were born.


Male and female filters, and one for every hue,

Filters that grow muddy when you’ve drunk too much brew.

Rich folk, poor folk filters: how do those people think?

And olfactory filters: you think yours doesn’t stink.

White male privilege filters, afraid influence wanes,

Transmit with suspicion, all gender, color gains.

Polarizing filters transmit waves left or right,

Light waves from the other side rendered dark as night.


Filters from religions from all around the Earth

Are like your first language, an accident of birth.

Dominating filters, though ones most did not choose,

Christian, Muslim, Hindu; (nobody likes the Jews.)


Back to watching Congress evaluate a judge,

Filters worn before their eyes, brains that will not budge.

There is disagreement and both sides can’t be right.

Who’ll put down their filters to better see the light?