Donald at the Bat – Day 617, Advise and Consent

Day 617, Advise and Consent


Jeff Flake has shown us he can think.

Chuck Grassley showed us he can blink.

Now, asking for more evidence

Should help remove some of the stink

From violating common sense,

Evaluating Brett’s defense

By asking that the FBI

To look into what Ford laments.


But now, with downcast, tearful, eye,

Jeff Flake told us that we should try

To verify alleged attacks

No matter whom more facts may fry.

How can it hurt to have more facts?

A wham, bam job clearly detracts

And helps to delegitimate….

And…..what if someone’s story cracks?


So, with more time to educate

And, with more facts to contemplate,

The Senate voting, “yes,” or, “no,”

Perhaps won’t just infuriate.


Though others do not care to know,

These folks are sure which way they’ll go.

They’ve said that they’ll stick with their tribe.

Will someone’s tribe be eating crow?