Donald at the Bat – Day 596, SCOTUS

Day 596

The Donald said he’d nominate a judge

Who’d vote to overturn Roe versus Wade.

He doesn’t want a fair and balanced drudge

And Donald kept the promise that he made.


Brett Kavanaugh’s opinions indicate

That he’s the man the Federalists have sought,

A judge who’ll help Neil Gorsuch vitiate

The reproductive choice for which we fought.


Republicans are trying to conceal

That Kavanaugh will do what Donald said.

To ban abortion is part of the deal;

At least that’s what the Donald’s base is fed.


We watched Brett block and parry, bob and weave.

We know his views; so why try to deceive?



Though,  “…what you see and what you read are not what’s happening,” (1)

It looks like Trump’s administration is unraveling.

When some adviser writes an op ed saying Trump is nuts,

It shows at least (he) knows the truth, although (he’s) lacking guts.


The anonymity of criticism bugs Trump’s brain.

“Investigate the New York Times,” the Donald cries in pain.

The First Amendment guarantees free speech to one and all.

There’s no call to investigate, though Donald Trump may bawl.


But Trump says that Jeff Sessions ought to use the DOJ

To batter Donald’s critics and perhaps scare them away.

So, once again the Donald shows he does not understand

To prosecute a critic is not what he may command.

Trump said the issue now is national security.

He also tweeted, “TREASON!”  That’s a clear absurdity.

To criticize the President is neither one of those.

It’s simply publishing that, “The Emperor has no clothes.” (2)


  1. Donald Trump, Tuesday, July 24, 2018, speech to VFW, Kansas City.
  2. Hans Christian Andersen, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” Fairy tale originally published in Danish, April, 1837.