Donald at the Bat – Day 595, The Op Ed

Day 595


The shit just hit the fan and sprayed a film of fecal foam

All over government and through the White House, Donald’s home.

An op ed in the New York Times with authorship unsigned

Has blasted Donald’s character and function of his mind.


Anonymous resistance: how should citizens react?

Somebody pulled a fire alarm; that’s an established fact.

Republicans and Democrats can’t say that they’re surprised.

Trump’s amorality leaves our whole country compromised.


Trump’s lack of morals and intelligence are both well-known.

Republicans and fundamentalists may sigh and groan

But still give Donald Trump a pass while he fulfills their goals

On judges, guns, and “right to life.”  That’s clear in all the polls.

It’s clear that Trump’s incompetent and Congress lies supine.

Although some brains are functioning, there’s no collective spine.

With no spines or testosterone, the Congress lies inert,

Except to run for exits when they all hear, “Red Alert!”


The Donald’s always been a schmuck—now with dementia too?

Confused, amoral, ignorant, diminishing IQ?

The crisis is upon us and we’ve known it quite a while.

Whose fault is it?  Whom can we blame? Look in the mirror; smile.