Donald at the Bat – Day 594

Day 594


Bob Woodward’s latest book is out,

Hundreds of hours of interviews,

From which quotations leave no doubt

Of everyone’s disdainful views.


The subject of the book, of course,

Is Donald Trump, the President.

Bob Woodward did not have to force

The condemnation now in print.


Opinions, near unanimous:

Trump is a liar and a dolt.

And there is seething animus

In most who stay and most who bolt.

His generals think Trump is dumb

And, on that basis, ignorant,

Which leaves them feeling glum and numb,

For neither is a sycophant.


We’re now in the denial phase,

(Those quoted have said, “That’s BS.”)

And parsing of each word and phrase

By commentators in the press.


So, one more book shows Trump unfit

To do the job of President,

Dishonest and too slow of wit.

Yet voters gave him their consent.