Donald at the Bat – Day 593

Day 593  (This may be sung to, “The Yellow Rose of Texas) (1)


If you were born in Texas and you were born at home,

A midwife in attendance, it might as well be Rome.

If your surname is Spanish, the Trumpists will deny

That you’re a born American; it makes you want to cry.


You have in your possession your certificate of birth.

It’s from the state of Texas, signed and sealed, but it’s not worth

The paper that it’s written on, Trump says the midwife lied.

So you are not a citizen and passport is denied.


They want a lot more documents before they will proceed.

It’s stuff that you won’t have and Smith or Johnson would not need.

Trump does not want you voting; he wants Texas to stay red.

You’re likely to vote Democrat; a fate the Trumpists dread.


George Bush began the practice, but in two thousand nine,

ACLU objected; Obama’s folks said, “fine,”

So, it was discontinued; Trump takes it up again,

Discrimination based on names and color of the skin.


Such bigotry is shocking but Donald’s stock in trade,

Reversing all decisions Obama ever made.

Will our courts stop this practice, as they have done before?

When will we recognize that Trump is rotten to the core?


  1. The Yellow Rose of Texas is a nineteenth century folk song about a “yellow,” mixed race girl, African American and Caucasian, the object of affection of the man who sings the song.  Mixed race people were often referred to as “yellow,” or, “yeller,” rather than “brown” or light brown. Sally Hemings, the paramour of Thomas Jefferson, would be an example.  The lyrics that we all know now are extensively modified from the original lyrics sung in minstrel shows.