Donald at the Bat – Day 597

Day 597

Can Trump be impeached?

Can this whale be beached?

Is this the time to reread Moby Dick?

Save the Ship of State!

Recall Watergate;

Should we all throw this drowning man a brick?


What is to be done?

Whom can liberals run

In 2020, if Trump runs once more?

They will have to face

Donald’s loyal base

And some of these have threatened civil war.


Congress will not act;

That’s a sorry fact.

Republicans are craven; they all cower.

Some think Trump is nuts,

Many more, a putz,

But they don’t want to govern, just hold power.


Things have gone to pot.

Is there now a plot,

Resistance in Trump’s staff as someone wrote?

Don’t depend on that.

Dump the autocrat.

The real solution is for us to vote.


We don’t have to guess

Voters caused this mess

And now it’s up to us to find the cure.

It’s clear as a bell,

We could go to hell.

Smart voting makes democracy endure.