Donald at the Bat – Day 582

Day 582

With jaws of justice clamping tight,

And fingers flailing out of fright,

The Donald feels the nightmares come,

Awaking, tweeting in the night.


With his old allies doing flips,

Then Trump recalls, “Loose lips sink ships.”

Will Donald’s Ship of State go down

As Mueller’s iceberg strikes and rips?


Now Weiselberg, Trump’s CFO,

Who knows all that there is to know,

Has just received immunity.

Does that make Donald have to “go?’

It’s not just Mueller, New York State

Put tax evasion on Trump’s plate.

Both Scylla and Charybdis will

Take bites from Trump and masticate.


And so, might Trump’s white collar crime

And life of sleazy grime and slime,

Although he made it to the top,

Now finish with him doing time?