Donald at the Bat – Day 583

Day 583

Is it now time to speak of Pence?

If Donald is sent packing hence,

Then we have to inaugurate

Mike Pence.  Does that make any sense?


The Constitution, if you read,

Says that vice presidents succeed

When sitting presidents are dumped.

The Sycophant in Chief shall lead.


Pence thinks he was ordained by God.

How odd that God gave Pence the nod,

Whose principles have all been trashed

Supporting Trump, so deeply flawed.

From autocrat to theocrat,

Alas neither a democrat.

Can Michael Pence improve on Trump,

Replacing each kakistocrat?


Democracy, an old Greek word,

That Trump has treated like a turd,

Means, “people power,” not king or god.

The People, once more, must be heard.


So, if Trump goes and we get Pence,

Are we prepared for that expense?

This last election that we blew

May yield one more foul consequence.