Donald at the Bat – Day 581

Day 581

White House, west wing, panic mode,

Staffers rush for the commode,

Could Donald Trump have gone too far this time?

Cohen says that he had paid

For the ladies Donald laid,

To help Trump get elected; that’s a crime.


Cohen said Trump ordered it;

Then Trump took another hit

When David Pecker stepped on Donald’s dick.

Trump thought Pecker was a fan;

Pecker said Trump ran the plan.

Now Donald Trump says Pecker is a prick.


Pecker may have more to say.

On the news we heard today,

Prosecutors gave Dave immunity.

That makes Pecker free to talk.

There’s no reason now to balk,

So Trump’s guts grind with high anxiety.


Is Trump’s world unraveling

As his allies start to sing?

Trump says we need a law that you can’t “flip.”

It’s not fair to save your skin

By confessing your own sin,

Then helping prosecutors crack the whip.


Flouting campaign finance law

Is a crime, not just faux pas.

Not Putin, pussy may bring Donald down.

But let’s not count Putin out,

Russians helped Trump, without doubt.

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.  (1)


  1. William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part II, Act 3, Scene 1