Donald at the Bat – Day 580

Day 580

Paul Manafort’s convicted; Mike Cohen guilty too.

The Tweeter’s thumbs are busy since they’re locking up his crew.

He pissed on Michael Cohen while he praised Paul Manafort

And everyone is wondering: will Trump wind up in court?


Mike Cohen said that Trump told him, “Buy silence from those broads.

“If no one knows I screwed them, then that should improve my odds.”

So Mike arranged the payments and the Donald paid him back,

A campaign finance violation that invites attack.


Though Trump says Mike’s a liar, there are tapes and documents.

And that’s not all Trump’s troubles; what about emoluments?

Collusion started in Trump Tower; Manafort was there.

Might he be fore forthcoming now that he’s in Mueller’s snare?

Did Tuesday, August twenty-first begin the Donald’s slide?

Since there’s no honor among thieves, will Donald Trump be fried?

Sliding down a bannister of razor blades to hell,

Will Donald Trump be sliced and diced as he bids us farewell?