Donald at the Bat – Day 579

Day 579

“Alternative facts” first started it out

And now we’ve reached, “Truth isn’t truth.”

The name of the game is: just create doubt,

Like winters are hot in Duluth.


You can’t trust your senses, not what you see,

Especially not what you read.

Those green things you see aren’t leaves on a tree

And it did not grow from a seed.


Just trust Donald Trump to tell you what’s true,

Not liberals’ and scientists’ crap.

When he trashes science, that is a cue

For his crowds to hoot, howl, and clap.

If Donald says one thing, then the reverse,

That is no cause for chagrin.

That’s the true meaning of being diverse.

You have to believe you’ll still win.  


Folks speaking for Donald have a tough gig,

Giuliani and Kelly Anne.

He tells them, “Say one thing,” then he’ll renege.

It’s tough working for a con man.


Can we trust Donald?  There’s no guarantee.

You must accept changing reality.