Donald at the Bat – Day 563

Day 563

The Trump administration wants to re-pollute the air

By scrapping mileage standards, making scientists despair.

Trump’s EPA says mileage standards will hurt auto sales

And that cuts into profits; the economy derails.


They contradict themselves by saying people will drive more

If they spend less on gas with mileage higher than before.

Which means they will buy cars with better fuel efficiency.

That shouldn’t hurt the profits of the auto industry.


So, what is wrong with driving more?  They say the consequence

Will be that people will get in more auto accidents.

So better mileage means more driving and more injuries.

Polluting air is safer; California disagrees.

The Californians have the highest standards in the land.

We burn less gas; we make less smog, not hard to understand.

And Californians did not vote for Trump as we all know.

And that is partly why the Donald says these rules must go.


And there’s another reason which we surely realize.

It’s plain as day and it is standing right before our eyes.

These were Obama’s regulations that Trump will roll back.

And, as you should recall, Obama won’t stop being black.


Obama once made fun of Trump in front of everyone,

A White House Correspondents’ dinner.  When Barack was done,

The Donald then and there resolved that he would hit him back.

How dare someone make fun of Trump, especially when he’s black!


No Collusion?

The Donald just admitted that they really did collude

With Russians in the Trump Tower meeting;  Junior may be screwed.

Now Senior tweets the meeting was for dirt on Hillary

Which they had all denied before.  Will Junior come unglued?


Since Junior’s emails make this clear, what Senior has denied

Has gone the way of most of what Trump says; to wit: he lied.

The Russians told the Trump Campaign: lift sanctions, you’ll get dirt.

They dumped emails; Trump could not lift the sanctions; but he tried.


Then Junior lied to Congress about all they had discussed

And Senior’s tweets have left Don Junior frightened and nonplussed.

His dad just threw him ‘neath the bus, thus screwing his own son

And claimed that he knew nothing; meantime Junior bites the dust.