Donald at the Bat – Day 562, The Florence Foster Jenkins of Today?

Day 562, The Florence Foster Jenkins of Today?


Today, Dan Coats, the DNI, met with the press to say

That Russians threatened our elections and still do today.

Then Kirstjen Nielsen, more discreetly, said that she agreed.

“And I’ll make that unanimous,” said FBI’s Chris Wray.


John Bolton’s famous mustache also wiggled it agreed.

The facts are clear; they show the Russians did the evil deed.

Yet Trump, in campaign mode, still calls the Russian “thing” a “hoax.”

Though everybody says it’s real, the Donald won’t concede.


The Donald, so in thrall to Putin, must claim it’s a hoax.

He blames it all on “fake news press” and stirs up average folks.

Because he does not tell the truth, the Donald must confuse

The faithful folks supporting him with passions he provokes.

There’s danger when one relies on tactics to confuse

One’s loyal base and denigrate the folks who write the news.

For “truth will out,” as someone said; and facts don’t go away.

Some day his base will say, “enough,” to lies the Donald spews.


It is the fate of humans that we all shall pass away.

So one day Donald Trump will be withdrawing from the fray.

We wonder how the Donald will go down in history.

Perhaps he’ll be the Florence Foster Jenkins of today.  (1)


(1) Look her up.  It’s a fascinating story of a famous and notoriously awful singer.


On another note:

Can we stick a fork in Manafort?


The goose of Manafort is cooked

For lying on his tax returns.

It’s clear that Mueller’s folks have looked

At these returns and what one learns

Is Manafort was desperate

To get more cash for his life style,

So his  returns were disparate

From facts he could not reconcile.


Smart money says he’ll lose his trial

And face at least ten years in jail.

The paperwork that’s now on file

Will be Paul’s final coffin nail.

When you find your ass in a sling.

And know that jail’s a likely fate,

It’s time to deal; it’s time to sing

And finally, to play it straight.


If Manafort decides to rat

On Donald and tell what he knows,

Will it be the bite of a gnat

Or gushing stream from a fire hose?


Is Donald losing sleep at night,

At what his cronies might reveal?

Will his supporters on the right

Defend him when his cronies squeal?