Donald at the Bat – Day 561

Day 561

Barack just drives the Donald nuts,

A memory that ever cuts

The Trumpist ego to the quick

And carves a wound from head to guts.

Obama’s auto mileage rules

And California’s, both were tools,

To give our country cleaner air

By burning less polluting fuels.

So Donald said this must not stand,

Leave no trace of Obama’s hand

And California’s Jerry Brown.

All of their efforts must be banned.

So burn more coal and gasoline.

Who says the air needs to be clean?

It’s business profits above all

And, after all, our money’s green.

Barack Obama drives Trump nuts.

That’s partly why Trump’s such a putz.

The Donald’s lyng rate accelerates.

So bad that nearly everything he states

Is outright false; at minimum, misleads.

To make it clear, it is the truth he hates.


The Mueller probe makes Donald desperate.

His ego makes him need to dominate.

So he’ll say anything to make the news.

It does not bother him to fabricate.


Though Trump insists that he did not collude,

Bob Mueller’s probe has clearly wrecked Trump’s mood.

For narcissism must control the myth.

Who’s in control if Mueller strips Trump nude?


Does Donald feel his gonads in a vise?

Use your imagination; that’s not nice.

With Putin, Mueller both on Donald’s tail,

Some people think it’s money, others, vice.