Donald at the Bat – Day 560

Day 560

The Donald is mad at the Kochs,

Their mutual purpose, defunct.

Cavalier in dumping these folks,

Such big money donors just junked.


The Koch brothers, real billionaires,

With big bucks they’re willing to spend.

Let’s see how Donald Trump fares.

Might such tweeting hasten his end?


The Koch’s have more money than Trump.

They don’t fear his judgement or power.

If someone ends up in the dump,

More likely it’s Trump’s final hour.


Beware when you’re poking a bear.

You can’t predict how you will fare.


Paul Manafort is now on trial

He’s facing life in durance vile.

Though Paul made sixty million bucks,

He paid no taxes on that pile.


Before Paul ran the Trump campaign,

He worked for years in the Ukraine

For their dictator, now deposed,

The source of Paul’s ill-gotten gain.


Paul’s well dried up, so from abroad,

He then returned to his home sod

And, needing cash for his life style,

He has resorted to bank fraud.


So he got bank loans based on lies

From different banks, enormous size.

He told them all a different tale,

Not kosher in Bob Mueller’s eyes.


It looks like it’s a solid case,

The charges Manafort must face.

The documents are crystal clear,

With signatures Paul can’t erase.


So everyone will watch this trial.

If Paul is sent to durance vile,

His lawyers will have all his dough

And Trump will frown and Mueller smile.