Donald at the Bat – Day 564

Day 564

Let’s turn attention to Paul Manafort.

Ex partner, Rick Gates, will take the stand,

For both sides, the star witness in the court,

At least that’s what we’re led to understand.


Rick Gates will testify about bank fraud

That was committed by both Paul and him,

As charged by Robert Mueller’s bunco squad.

So Gates has Manafort’s case looking grim.


The lawyers who will cross examine Rick

Will try to say that he did everything.

But Paul signed all the forms and that should stick.

A damning paper trail, alarm bells ring.


If Manafort’s defense can’t crack Rick Gates,

Acquittal then and there, evaporates.


Is Trump Going to Get Someone Killed?


Trump calls the press the “people’s enemy.”

Astonishing in this land of the free.

For nuts now call reporters, making threats.

If someone dies, will Trump say, “That’s on me?”


Of course he won’t.  But, if he’s making threats,

There might be some who think his epithets

Demand some action, so might go and kill

Reporters or broadcasters, no regrets.


Our land is full of guns; we know they kill.

If some deranged nut thinks it is Trump’s will

That “fake news press” collectively must pay

For their sins, nuts might kill them for the thrill.


Then he who drove them to the crime should pay.

His language told the nuts to fire away.