Donald at the Bat- Day 553, 1984?

Day 553, 1984?


“What you’re seeing, what you’re reading,

Is not happening.

Never mind where that door’s leading;

It’s no opening.

What you see and hear and feel

And smell and taste aren’t real.

“What you’re seeing, what you’re reading,

Is not happening.”


Verse 1:

Vladimir tells every Russian

What they must believe.

And he does it without blushin’

How could he deceive?

Trump is Putin’s wannabe;

Wants to dictate what we see.

He says, you must not believe

What your senses may receive.


Verse 2:

Almost daily Trump does something

That he will deny.

When it breaks bad, it’s a sure thing

He’ll find a fall-guy.

Trump will first blame Hillary,

Then Obama’s treachery,

Then continue to deny

And leave staff to “clarify.”


Verse 3:

If you’re not a facile liar,

(Spicer was no good.)

Don’t enjoy your pants on fire,

You may ask, “Who would?”

Sarah Sanders took Sean’s place.

She tells lies with a straight face.

Everyone says she is good.

Look at all she has withstood.