Donald at the Bat – Day 552

Day 552

The Donald gave a speech in Kansas City.

The audience was veterans, who cheered.

And overall, the scene was not too pretty

But downright scary, something to be feared.


The President, in glowing approbation,

Accepted plaudits from the multitude.

And, with his ego’s gradual inflation,

He made his greatest move yet to delude.


Quote: “What you see and read is not occurring.”

He’s telling us that he defines what’s true.

He basically told us he is interring

Objective truth, as autocrats all do.


We heard him say it, so there’s no denying

That what he wants is absolute control.

No one can tell the Donald he is lying,

Democracy flushed down the toilet bowl.


A case in point, when over in Helsinki,

When Putin’s asked, “Did he want Trump to win?”

He answered, “Yes,” but what is really stinky….

The White House said, “Oh that requires some spin.”


So their “official” transcript of the meeting

Deleted Putin’s, “Yes,” which had been taped.

But we have seen the truth, however fleeting,

Since what we saw and heard has been reshaped.


The Russians cut the question and the answer.

The Kremlin and the White House must agree

That Putin’s interference is a cancer

That Donald’s loyal base must never see.