Donald at the Bat – Day 550, Carter Page? Who is that?

Day 550, Carter Page?  Who is that?

The FISA warrant DOJ obtained on Carter Page,

Declassified by Trump, thus hoping further to enrage

His base supporters, proving Mueller’s probe unjustified,

Has now been read by many folks and most are satisfied.


The DOJ had ample cause, not just Steele’s dossier,

To listen to what Carter Page and Russians had to say.

For he advised the Kremlin but did that make him a spy?

And then he joined the Trump campaign, which tweaked the FBI.


Then Donald Trump announced that Page had been advising him.

(With Carter in hot water, Donald’s memory is dim.)

From Carter Page, the PhD, to Mr. Page: who’s that?

Poor Page has now transitioned from adviser to a gnat.


Like Papadopoulos and Manafort, who faded out,

Trump turns the page on Page; now his existence is in doubt.



John Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Rice

Infuriated Trump.

He tweeted they have not played nice.

He’ll spank them on the rump,

Remove the secret clearance

He says each has abused,

In spite of the appearance

Trump’s power is misused.


It’s true these folks have criticized

The Donald’s words and acts.

He says they have politicized

What should be secret facts.

Of course, the Donald does the same;

He’s even monetized

His office.  For him, it’s a game,

With cash prioritized.


So Donald wants to punish them

For making him look bad.

If he employs this stragem,

Will that make his base mad?

If you disclose that Trump is wrong,

You’ll be an enemy.

For Trump reacts like he’s King Kong,

When he says, “Don’t cross me.”


An institution’s memories

In former officers,

Expunged, will cause profound unease

When an old curse recurs.

So, will the Donald’s fit of pique

And childish petulance,

Lead to a nation up the creek

And Russian dominance?