Donald at the Bat – Day 554, “Trade Wars Are Easy to Win.”

Day 554, “Trade Wars Are Easy to Win.”

Trump’s war on trade has kicked us in the ass.

His tariffs are hurting us too.

We can’t sell soybeans and natural gas.

All businesses lose revenue.


Trump met with Juncker, EU’s president,

To cool down the battle on trade.

Farmers are asking where their profits went.

Trump must fix the problems he made.


Trump’s pissed that the EU buys Russian gas

Instead of our own LPG.

Putin built pipelines through which gas may pass,

While we must ship over the sea.


High tariffs close markets; Trump forgot that.

So retaliation can work.

Trump says he’ll bail out the farms he has knocked flat.

But some farmers think he’s a jerk.


Promises, promises, that is Trump’s style.

But then Donald has to produce.

Aye, there’s the rub, for if you check his file,

He promises just to seduce.


Trump’s big achievement, tax cuts for the rich:

And, so far, he’s only helped them.

How long will his base buy Donald’s sales pitch?

How long before they turn on him?