Donald at the Bat – Day 547, How Trump Consults

Day 547, How Trump Consults

The Donald invited Vlad Putin to schmooze.

Republican lawmakers all got the blues.

Right after Helsinki, where Donald was had,

He’s re-advertising his bromance with Vlad.


The DNI, Coats, was completely surprised.

His shock when he heard it could not be disguised.

For Donald asked no one, just sent out a tweet

Announcing this Fall he and Putin would meet.


Vlad comes to the White House: state dinner, perchance?

To tell the whole world of their true love bromance?

Will Donald’s guest list include Michael McFaul?

He was our ambassador once, after all.


In midterm election time, Putin is here.

Will he go to rallies?  Will everyone cheer?

Will he address Congress like Premier Macron?

Just what is the sin for which Trump must atone?


We know what Trump pays for the price of a screw.

For Karen and Stormy, six figures would do.  (1)

Does Putin want ten, or perhaps just more power?  (2)

Whatever he’s got, Vlad has made Donald cower.


  1. Six figures: in the hundred thousand dollar range.
  2. Ten figures: in the billion dollar range.