Donald at the Bat – Day 546

Day 546

Is Donald Trump so compromised that he cannot fight back?

Has Trump been tamed?  Must he obey when Vlad makes his whip crack?

For otherwise, it’s difficult to comprehend just why

The Donald is so openly Vlad Putin’s loyal guy.


And Donald doesn’t simply want to get along with Vlad.

He trashes all our allies which, as Trump would say, is sad.

There’s power in coalitions, so Vlad wants them pulled apart.

With NATO, EU, and G-7, Trump made a good start.


The problem is: what can we do with Trump and Vlad in bed?

For Trump to be Vlad’s vassal is a future we should dread.

It does not seem Trump can break free.  That cannot be ignored.

Yet, we’re still normalizing actions that should be deplored.


Republicans still will not act to rein the Donald in.

They fear the Donald’s base, whose votes right-wingers need to win.

It’s clear, between our country and themselves, who comes in first.

Because it is the same with Trump, America is cursed.


Now, just to poke us in the eye, Trump has invited Vlad

To come to visit in the Fall, to honor his comrade.

Will they meet one on one again?  Why all the secrecy?

We cannot help but wonder if Trump’s hiding peccancy.


November’s coming soon to put Democracy on trial.

Trump’s compromised incompetence is serving Putin’s guile.

The evidence is plain to see and, if it gets your goat,

A remedy’s available; get off your ass and vote!